Welcome to the Cyprus – China Business Association.

Cyprus and China have had strong economic and political ties since ancient times.  Cyprus was a key post on the old Silk Road and quite fittingly it is one of the countries included in the “One Belt – One Road” initiative of the Chinese government which is the modern equivalent of the old Silk Road.  Cyprus is also a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which is the investment arm of this massive investment programme.

Within the context of this new initiative and the overall rise of China as the most important global investor, the Cyprus economic community is making significant efforts to attract inbound investment flow from China whilst at the same time exploring the possibilities of increasing exports to the ever expanding huge consumer base of China.

The main purpose of our Cyprus – China Business Association is indeed to assist all the efforts of Cypriot and Chinese entrepreneurs to come together and create new businesses for the mutual benefit of our two countries.

Our Association provides information and assistance to both Cypriot and Chinese businessmen when embarking on new business ventures.

We regularly promote the attractiveness of Cyprus both as an investment and tourism destination as well as a Regional Financial Centre.  We hold regular seminars in all major cities in China as well as in Cyprus.  We maintain close ties with the Chinese and Cypriot embassies in Nicosia and Beijing respectively and work together to ease the way of doing business in our two countries.

We also hold various other events with a cultural emphasis the purpose of which is to bring our two people closer, to understand each other’s culture and way of thinking and build trust between us whilst having a good time.

Over the past few years our efforts under the auspices and support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have begun bearing results.  We already have a number of Chinese enterprises which have invested in our Real Estate, Tourism, Transportation and other industries whilst a significant number of Chinese groups are using Cyprus for their Regional activities in the EU, Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.  Our strategic location, investor friendly legislation, excellent infrastructure, highly skilled personnel, beautiful weather and beaches, high standard but low cost of living is proving quite attractive to the Chinese.  As a result an increasing number of Chinese are making Cyprus their permanent home.

I have every confidence that the increasing trend of business between our two countries will accelerate over the next few years.  Our Association will be right in the centre of all developments providing assistance, information and aspiration to Cypriot and Chinese entrepreneurs alike.

We are here to help you develop the economic relations between China and Cyprus.  Please feel free to avail of all our services.

Yours sincerely

Panicos Kaouris